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With the RooflessSolar Ownership, you will receive maximum financial benefits and savings. Lock in your electric rate for 25 years and receive all of the rebates and incentives available.

$6,257 Upfront Payment
$33,504 20-Year Savings (Estimated)

Solar made simple

We build.

CSP maintains an optimally sited RooflessSolar array in your area. This delivers electric power to your local utility.

You sign up.

You sign up for RooflessSolar and participate in the offsite solar array to meet your energy needs.

Start saving.

You receive bill credits directly on your electric bill for the solar power produced. You’ll start saving from day one!

Frequently asked questions

Who is Community Solar Platform?


Community Solar Platform (CSP) is a renewable energy solutions provider. CSP help pioneer the model of delivering clean power generation through medium-scale community solar facilities that are collectively shared by participating utility customers. CSP has partnered with SCE&G to offer their uniquely branded RooflessSolar™ product, commonly known as community solar, to SCE&G electric customers across South Carolina.

What is community solar?

With community solar solar panels are located in an open field and connected to the SCE&G grid, not on your roof or property. Electricity from the array is distributed across SCE&G’s electric grid, and participating customers are credited monthly on their utility bills for the power produced by their proportional share of the array. Community solar arrays enable SCE&G electric customers to benefit from clean solar power, regardless of the customer's ability to install solar at their service address. Program participants, including renters, canenjoy the benefits of solar without installing anything on their roof or property.

Who can participate?

Community solar is available to current SCE&G electric customers – residents (homeowners and renters), schools, churches, or municipalities.

Do I need to own a home or building to participate?

No. Residential customers, churches, schools and municipalities with electric service from SCE&G are eligible to participate.

How can I participate?

There are two different ways to participate, so you can go solar in a way that best fits your needs and your budget - by Subscribing (similar to monthly magazine subscription) or by Purchasing. Subscribe at a low monthly rate to see instant savings, or purchase panels and see greater savings over the 20-year term of the program.

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Keep track of your solar savings

With MyOwnCleanEnergy you have 24/7 access to your system, providing realtime production and reports that allow you to keep track of your systems performance. View daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime energy production, all at your fingertips!

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MyOwnCleanEnergy software comes fully integrated and is available for use on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Production monitoring
  • Record of bill credits
  • Report generation
  • Environmental footprint
  • Message Center
  • Live alerts
  • Mobile/Desktop access
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